Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine

Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine


Technical parameters: 1. Mechanical size: 2800 L 1200 W 1800 H mm. (Workshop height must be more than 3 meters). 2. Conveyor belt: Note: Conveyor belt connection method: Conveyor belt length 2.5M comes with

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technical parameter:

1. Mechanical dimensions: 2800 L 1200 W 1800 H mm. (The workshop height must be more than 3 meters).

2. Conveyor belt: Note: Conveyor belt connection method:

The length of the conveyor belt is 2.5M, with its own power and chain plate, and the conveyor belt of the front-end filling machine and the back-end film wrapping machine

The bridge plate is used for docking, and the conveyor chain plate of the labeling machine cannot be strung with the front and rear conveyor chain plates.

3. Weight: about 1500 KG.

4. Suitable bottle type: cylindrical bottle.

5. Bottle material: PET, glass, metal.

6. Bottle diameter range: φ20-95 mm.

7. Bottle height: 100-500 mm.

8. Label height: 10-250 mm.

9. Label material: PP, BOPP, PS, PE, PVC, composite film, paper (roll label, printed with cursor point).

10. Inner diameter of paper tube: 6 inches (152 mm).

11. Labeling speed: no less than 12000 bottles per hour. (500ML).

12. Power supply: AC 3φ, 380V\/50HZ.

13. Compressed air: 3-5 kg\/cm² (customers must provide their own independent air compressor with a power of 3 HP or more).

14. Air consumption: 1m3\/hour.

15. Power consumption: 12 KW.


1. Vertical full-circle or less-circumferential labeling method, label automatic cutting, automatic adsorption and gluing labeling, only on the label

The head and tail are glued, the hot melt glue is automatically melted, the glue is automatically discharged, and the glue is automatically returned, and the recycling will not be wasted.

2. Continuously variable speed control system, automatic detection according to the feeding system, automatic adjustment of the production speed, so that the labeling machine will always keep running.

The production speed is good.

3. Take off the astrolabe and put it in the bottle. The transmission mode adopts linkage design, which is stable during high-speed labeling.

4. The servo motor tracks synchronously, and cooperates with the specially designed vacuum drum for adsorption, stable labeling.

5. When the linkage design encounters abnormal torque or bottle feeding, the machine has a safety device, which can automatically stop immediately.

6. The machine will automatically stop and give an alarm when: (1) the label is not attached (2) the label is lost (3) the label is about to run out.

(4) Abnormal detection of bottle in (5) Abnormal detection of bottle out (6) Abnormal detection of blocked bottle.

7. The whole machine has a centralized lubrication system, which is easy to clean, lubricate and maintain.

8. Germany EL electronic automatic correction system, this digital electric eye is ultrasonic.

Non-contact electric eye, automatically adjust the label position. (Optional).

9. In the case of not installing the electronic automatic correction guidance system, the height difference of the junction of the head and tail of the label.

Within 3mm, the installation of electronic automatic correction system can reach within 1mm.

Standard Mechanical Configuration:

1. Vacuum roller: strong label adsorption and sticking, make the label and bottle fit tightly.

2. Big and small astrolabe: stable and separate conveying bottles.

3. Cutter wheel: Cut the whole roll of labels into thin slices at specific positions.

4. Glue wheel: Apply hot melt glue to the head and tail of a single label.

5. Belt marking wheel: Apply pressure to the attached label and bottle to make it stick firmly.

6. Tension Tray: Tension controls label speed.

7. Glue box: Our company self-made circulating hot-melt glue box, which can automatically melt, automatically discharge glue, and automatically remove glue.

Recycling hot melt adhesive is not wasteful.

8. Conveyor belt: 2.5M long, with its own power and chain plate, the front end of the filling machine is the film wrapping machine conveyor belt.

The bridge plate is used for docking, and the conveyor chain plate of the labeling machine cannot be connected with the front and rear conveyor chain plates.

Standard electrical configuration:

1. Servo motor - Yaskawa, Japan.

2. Servo driver - Yaskawa, Japan.

3. Power motor - Italy MOTOVARLO.

4. Inverter - Germany Snyder.

5. Sensor - Germany SICK.

6. Touch screen - Taiwan Weiluntong.

7. Air compressor components-Taiwan Qilike.

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