Sleeve labeling machine manufacturers

Sleeve labeling machine manufacturers


Summary of performance features 1) Fast speed, high precision, stable and reliable operation, it is an ideal equipment for hose labeling. 2) Efficient hose labeling workstation: single-person operation, automatic feeding, labeling, receiving; including lack of material Detection of electric eye and automatic pause function.3

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Functional advantages:

1) With fast speed, high precision, stable and reliable operation, it is an ideal equipment for hose labeling.

2) Hose labeling workstation: single-person operation, active feeding, labeling, receiving; electric eye is used for material shortage detection and active suspension function.

3) A combination of speed, precision, stability, ease of use and flexibility.

4) Specially designed for hose labeling, convenient and easy to wrap the light\/unlight self-adhesive label around the hose.

5) Suitable for marking hoses of different lengths and diameters.

6) Stable and reliable operation: ensure that each hose will not be damaged when uploading, and the labeling is smooth and accurate.

7) Unique crank slider mechanism: ensure fast, orderly and reliable feeding.

8) Selection of positioning equipment for divider: ensure accurate and reliable positioning of hose labels without maintenance.

9) Air pressure detection unloading equipment: ensure that the labeled hose can be unloaded firmly.

10) Simple operation: It can quickly switch a variety of hoses and labels, which can be easily completed in only 10 minutes, and can quickly switch labels of different standard size hoses.

11) The positioning and labeling functions of the positioning marks on the hose can be selected.

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