What should be paid attention to in the application of the upper and lower cover assembly machine


The upper and lower cover assembly machine automation equipment polishing agent can improve the damage of hard wear-resistant materials, appearance corrosion and conflict between the metal material in the middle of the outer surface and the teeth in the middle of the outer surface.

(1) Prevent corrosion and maintain the appearance of metal materials

The surface of the upper and lower cover assembly machine automation equipment mechanical equipment must be in contact with 4-week substances (such as gas, water, moisture in the body, corrosive gas, liquid, etc.) to prevent the surface of the equipment metal materials from rusting, corroding and destroying. Gloss oil or vegetable Grease has no corrosive effect on metal materials, and the small O-ring assembly machine can prevent the corrosion of internal moisture and harmless substances in saturated steam.

(2) Reduce the temperature

Lubricants for automation equipment of upper and lower lid assembly machines can reduce the conflict index and increase the generation of conflict heat. The use of liquid lubricant to expand the concentrated circulation system lubrication can eliminate the heat generated by the conflict and cool it, thereby enabling the equipment to operate within the specified temperature range. operate within.

The shortcomings of using equipment inspection machines can replace human visual effects in work. Large non-standard assembly machines are widely used in industries such as situation inspection, quality inspection and quality management. The use of machine vision technology systems in industrial production visual inspection has non-touch, The advantages of high efficiency, low cost, and high level of automation have gradually replaced the traditional visual inspection method. This kind of inspection and accurate measurement is not manual manufacturing, so it can save a lot of human resource management, and it is of great interest to enterprises. hobby, so its use is very common.

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