The working principle of the glue cap machine


The glue cap machine is also a fully automatic glue cap machine, a semi-automatic glue cap machine and a fully automatic glue cap heat shrink machine. Today I will tell you the working principle of the glue cap machine.

The glue cap machine adopts the principle of 6 heat shrink heads synchronous temperature regulation, microcomputer control, and blowing and shrinking. After the machine is stopped, the 6 heat shrink heads automatically and quickly lift to prevent the glue cap from burning.

The glue cap machine is a special equipment for plastic cap plastic sealing. The use of the capping machine has a great influence on the packaging quality. The automatic glue cap machine is equipped with an automatic wire drawing and pasting device. The wire drawing and feeding are controlled by a stepping motor, and the width is 1- Adjustable between 10mm. Top cover hot stamping system: The capping machine is equipped with an automatic top cover hot stamping system, and the electrochemical paper is controlled by a stepper motor. After the top cover is bronzed, it can be embossed with the same die as the hot stamping pattern. Make the bronzed part protrude outwards.

Top pneumatic gasket stamping die system: There is a gasket installation system on the top of the rubber cap machine. The gasket feeding is controlled by a stepper motor, and the pneumatic stamping die can accurately punch the gasket to the center position. Palletizing system for rubber cap products: this machine Equipped with a finished product palletizing system, the rubber caps can be pumped out of the mold with compressed air according to the set amount, and then stringed into the same number of finished rubber caps for packaging.

The above editor has introduced the working principle of the glue cap machine. I hope the above introduction can bring you some help. Tongcheng Saiwei Automatic Packaging Equipment Factory is a production and sales glue cap machine, cap closing machine, production glue cap machine, Manufacturer of automatic machinery and industrial equipment such as capping machines. Mainly engaged in online rubber cap forming and capping machine, capping machine, filling line plastic cap forming and capping integrated machine, pull strip tearing plastic cap machine, bottled water cup type label Forming machine, butterfly cap capping machine, condiment cap capping machine, bottle cap assembly machine, barreled water glue cap capping machine, medicine cap capping machine, etc.

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