Convenience and Features of Closing Machine


The lid closing machine is an automatic device developed for conjoined flipping. The lid closing machine is easy to use and covers a wide range of areas. Its appearance avoids the inconvenience and time-consuming problems caused by manual operation. Today, the editor of Saiwei will tell you in detail Introducing the machine:

After injection molding, the one-piece cover is not closed, and the one-piece flip cover must be closed before it can be sold to the merchant. Due to the slow speed of manual cover closing, low efficiency, and insufficient closing effect, the cost of the manufacturer has increased, and a cover closing machine has appeared.

1. Scope of application: The bottle cap capping machine is an ideal capping equipment for bottle cap factories, packaging factories, food factories, and daily chemical factories, mainly for the types of bottle caps: flip caps, oil caps, vinegar caps, cosmetic caps, etc.

2. Equipment features: 1. The automatic cap closing machine replaces manual operation, automatically inserts the gasket into the bottle cap, and improves production efficiency. 2. The sealing gasket cover is flat, fast, efficient, and the product is safe and hygienic. 3. Equipped with no bottle cap, aluminum foil Shutdown and other safety protection devices (optional). 4. The bottle caps are driven and transported, and the positioning is accurate. The machine can automatically arrange the randomly placed bottle caps on the vibrating plate and send them to the guide rail. The turntable bottle caps are transported to the padding station , The pad is positioned, and then the finished product is output. 5. The mechanical transmission and positioning mechanism are used to make the equipment work stably and reliably, and it is suitable for bottle caps and aluminum foils of different specifications. When the size of the bottle cap is different, it is simple and convenient to replace the turntable, pad cylinder and suction cup .

3. Equipment structure: 1. Automatic cap discharge mechanism: tidy up the messy caps and put them all away. 2. Dispensing mechanism: complete the dispensing action before the battery is inserted into the bottle cap (optional). 3. Gasket insertion mechanism: The gasket is inserted into the bottle cap to complete. 4. Bottle cap conveying mechanism: orderly and accurately convey the sorted bottle caps to the sealing gasket closing mechanism.

The above is the knowledge we brought about the capping machine. More information can be found on the official website of Tongcheng Saiwei Automatic Packaging Equipment.

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