Features of shrink cap cup machine


The shrink cap cup machine is a popular packaging method on the market at present. It uses shrink film to package the product or package, and then heats it to shrink the shrink film to tightly wrap the product or package, which can reflect the product's marketability and improve the product's quality. Taste, increase beauty and purchase desire, at the same time, the sealing, moisture-proof and anti-pollution of the packaged products are fully guaranteed, and can reduce the impact and damage from the outside, and can prevent the utensils from scattering when they are broken when used in utensil packaging. It can prevent the possibility of the product being dismantled and stolen. This kind of packaging can produce a strong wrapping force, especially suitable for the collection and pallet packaging of multiple items, which is obviously better than the traditional packaging method.

Features of Shrink Cap Cup Machine:

1. Touch and digital display operation panel, unified control of each function and data integration;

2. The control system adopts digital programming to effectively improve the service life of key components;

3. The unique design enables each load to have overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss, and wrong line protection functions;

4. The input voltage adopts 380V AC 3-phase 4-wire system, and the current-sharing power supply wiring method can effectively reduce the impact on the power grid;

5. The digital control high-power temperature control board can realize the adjustable temperature in the furnace from 0-200 degrees Celsius, and the constant temperature is stable and accurate;

6. The conveying motor adopts AC speed regulating motor, which has large torque and stable operation, and can be adjusted from 0-10m per minute;

7. Special insulation layer design, the inner furnace and the casing are effectively insulated, heat preservation and energy saving;

8. The heating tube adopts infrared heating lamp tube or stainless heating tube, (other heating devices can be customized);

9. The internal temperature and hot air balance adopts internal circulation type or jet type, which can effectively balance and stabilize the temperature in the furnace;

10. The mesh and chain conveyor belts are treated with Teflon-coated or sleeved silicone tubes, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of mucous membranes;

11. It can be equipped with a tripod and a foot cup, which is convenient for use with different height production lines.

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