Perfect configuration mechanism of condiment cap assembly machine


The condiment cap assembly machine is a high-speed automatic capping machine designed according to the characteristics of the current condiment industry in my country. It is suitable for automatic capping, splitting and capping of various condiments. The whole machine adopts a mechanical synchronous power transmission system, and the movement coordination is accurate. , The equipment structure is reasonable, the speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, the failure rate is low, and the operation is simple.

1. Active cover sorting and distribution equipment for condiment cover assembly machine

The automatic cap sorting equipment is to put the whole box or the whole bag of random caps into the cap sorting machine, and automatically pack and place them through the cap sorting mechanism. The compressed air is used to accelerate the feeding and capping of the caps, enter the caps at a high speed, and actively cooperate with the capping. Action. The operator only needs to participate in the random coverage of the whole box or bag.

1. Active tank separation equipment

According to the requirements of different capping speeds, the equipment can split the tightly connected tanks that are transported at high speed before capping, and arrange them into a whole row, so that each tank corresponds one by one when capping to avoid the position of capping. Inaccurate or recapped.

2. Synchronous constant speed active capping equipment

The single motor power source synchronously drives the can feeding belt and the capping equipment at a constant speed.

3. Tank anti-dumping positioning equipment

According to the principle of tank type characteristics, special support equipment is installed on the conveyor belt, and it cooperates with the guard plate to form an anti-fall positioning device to prevent the tank from tilting and tipping when it is put into the tank and covered.

4. Computer active control system

With the cooperation of the photoelectric switch, the PLC computer program actively controls the entire capping process, actively assigns caps, with or without caps, and stops the alarm when the cans are stuck, leaked, or dropped. At this time, the packaging line is full of cans, and the capping machine The conveyor line is inactive.

Stop the machine and wait.

2, powerful function

1. High efficiency: high-speed operation, stable operation and smooth circulation, making the gland effective rate reach 99%.

2. Automation: cover management, cover delivery, cover pressing, synchronization, fully automatic completion; PLC automatic control, stable operation, smooth circulation.

3. Intensive operation: Compared with traditional multi-channel machinery, single-channel operation saves more than one meter of transportation lines and takes up less space.

4. Energy saving: linkage transmission and gravity can save energy consumption.

5. Humanization: easy to learn and understand operation, fault shutdown alarm; transparent window for easy viewing and maintenance.

6. Low failure rate: clever planning, practical materials, and good accessories ensure a very low failure rate of the equipment.

7. Pay attention to materials: 304 stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards, simple and beautiful, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, clean and hygienic, imported electrical components, safe and reliable, stable equipment, and superior functions.

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