The glue cap machine analyzes the system introduction of the automatic glue cap machine for you


Tongcheng Saiwei Automatic Packaging Equipment Factory is a high-quality glue cap machine manufacturer, which can not only manufacture products. Today, Saiwei Automation will give you a brief introduction to the automatic glue cap machine:

The main machine of the automatic plastic cap forming machine is equipped with an automatic hot stamping system, which can continuously hot stamp exquisite patterns and characters on PVC heat shrinkable film and aluminum-plastic laminating materials. The feeding of anodized paper is controlled by a synchronous motor. Drawing system: this machine Equipped with wire drawing automatic sticking device, wire drawing and wire feeding are controlled by stepper motor, the width is adjustable between 1-10mm. Top cover hot stamping system: This machine is equipped with automatic top cover hot stamping system, anodized paper is controlled by stepper motor Control. After the top cover is bronzed, it can be embossed with the same die as the bronzing pattern to make the bronzed part protrude outwards. Top pneumatic gasket stamping die system: This machine is equipped with a top gasket system, the gasket enters The feeding is controlled by a stepping motor. The pneumatic stamping die can accurately punch the gasket to the center position. The rubber cap product stacking system: This machine is equipped with a finished product stacking system, which can press the compressed air to remove the rubber cap from the die according to the set quantity. Take it out from the middle and string it into the same number of finished plastic caps to be packaged.

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