Technical background of bottled water cup label forming machine


Technical background of bottled water cup label forming machine

The following mainly introduces the technical field of barreled water glue cap processing, and specifically relates to a barreled water cup type label forming machine and cap cap integrated machine.

1. Setting skills: Now almost all public places use water dispensers to supply drinking water, and more and more families also choose to directly buy large bottled water for daily use, so that they do not have to buy regularly and save time. Correspondingly The market demand for bottled water is also increasing, and there are more and more manufacturers producing bottled water, such as Nongfu Spring, Robust, etc.

Bottled water will be sealed with rubber caps in the later stage of packaging. In the traditional sealing process of bottled water glue caps, the glue caps are first produced by the glue cap forming equipment, and then the glue caps are placed on the bottled water one by one through the later manual operation. , but the rubber caps are released synchronously in the later stage of production, which increases the production time and reduces the production power.

2. Elements of Skill Completion: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an integrated machine for on-line forming and capping of bottled water-gel caps, which can simultaneously complete the processing and forming of barreled water-gel caps and the intention of on-line capping, thereby improving production Competencies. The skills issues to be addressed are accomplished by the following skills programs:

An on-line forming and capping machine for barreled water glue caps comprises a support cabinet, wherein forming equipment and capping equipment are arranged in the support cabinet, and a control system for controlling the forming equipment and the capping equipment.

The molding equipment includes a turntable movably arranged in the middle of the support cabinet, a ring-making machine, a pounding tray, a softening box and a bottom sealing machine fixed on the support cabinet. When the turntable rolls, the cup-shaped fixed mold passes through the output end of the ring making machine under the tamping plate, the inside of the softening box and the output end of the bottom sealing machine in turn;

The capping equipment includes a carrier and a conveyor, the carrier includes a drive box fixed on the support cabinet, a rotating shaft movably arranged on the top of the drive box, and a rotating frame connected with the rotating shaft, the rotating frame includes at least 4 rotating arms, and the end of each rotating arm is There is a downward cup-shaped cover on the part, and when the rotating frame rolls, the cup-shaped cover crosses the circular track on which the cup-shaped fixed mold rolls; the conveyor includes a conveyor belt, one side of the conveyor belt is provided with a guardrail, and the other side is provided with a center There is an equipment board, and there are 2 groups of movable limit devices on the equipment board;

The control system includes a main controller, an electric control system and an electric control system connected to the main controller. The electric control system consists of a motor and several chains that control the turntable, bag making machine, bottom sealing machine, drive box and conveyor belt; the electric control system consists of It is composed of an electric pump and several air ducts for operating the bag making machine, pounding plate, bottom sealing machine, cup lid and movable limit device; the main controller is also connected with a human-machine interface.

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