Butterfly cover closing machine manufacturer Saiwei teaches you practical tips for life


Butterfly cover closing machine manufacturer Saiwei teaches you practical tips in life

1. When cooking, do not add cold water, cold water will make the vegetables old and hard, and the vegetables fried in boiling water will be crisp and tender.

2. When frying lotus root shreds, add some water while frying to prevent the lotus root from turning black.

3. When scrambled eggs, add a tablespoon of warm water to the eggs and stir well, so that they will not be fried, and the amount of scrambled eggs is large, soft and delicious.

4. Before putting the tofu into the pot, soak it in boiling water for a quarter of an hour to remove the smell of swill.

5. Stew the fish in cold water until there is no fishy smell, add enough water at a time. If you add water in the middle, it will dilute the umami of the original juice.

6. When steaming fish or meat, wait for the water in the steamer to boil and then put it in the drawer, so that the fish or meat can shrink immediately when it suddenly encounters high temperature steam outside, and the fresh juice inside will not flow out. It tastes delicious and shiny when cooked.

7. When boiling bone soup, do not add raw water in the middle, so that the temperature of the soup will drop suddenly, and the protein and fat will solidify rapidly, which will affect the nutrition and taste.

8. When frying poached eggs, when the yolk is about to solidify, you can pour a tablespoon of cold water, which will make the eggs yellow and tender after being cooked, and the color and taste are good.

9. When boiling lard, put a small amount of water in the pot first, and then put the cut lard in, so that the cooked oil is bright in color and free of impurities.

Use vinegar in your life.

1. It is easy to get motion sickness when going out. Drinking vinegar water that is not too sour can refresh the mind and relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.

2. When insomnia, you can pour a tablespoon of vinegar into cold boiled water and drink while stirring, you can fall asleep quickly. If you add the same amount of honey, the effect is better.

3. If someone faints, soak a handkerchief in vinegar and put it on the nose of the fainted person to stimulate the patient to wake up.

4. Newly purchased porcelain tableware, tea set, wine set, boil with 10% vinegar water for 23 hours before use, which can remove the trace amount of aluminum contained in the new porcelain and avoid the harm of aluminum poison to the body.

5. When cooking crabs, jellyfish and jellyfish, soak them in 1% vinegar for 1 hour to prevent food poisoning caused by halophilic bacteria.

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