Operation process of online capping machine


Operation process of online capping machine

The quality of the online capping machine is reliable, the working performance is stable, the cap is accurate, and the cap is correct. The following editor will take you to understand the operation process of the online capping machine.

1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the fastening bolts of the equipment are loose, and wipe all the parts on the machine with thinning water, and then re-adjust the glue. It is strictly forbidden to store any sundries on the work surface.

2. Close the main power switch, check whether the start and stop of the main engine, the start and stop of gluing, the start and stop of winding, the heating of the drying tunnel, the electrical switch of the power supply and the pointer of the instrument, etc., are flexible, reliable, sensitive and correct. After the power is turned on, observe whether the equipment is running normally, and whether there is any abnormal sound and burnt smell.

3. When the machine is started, it is necessary to master the speed adjustment of the drum, the temperature control of the drum, and the temperature control of the drying tunnel. Strictly control the speed and temperature of the equipment.

4. After the equipment is started, it should run dry for 35 minutes, test a few pieces of film, check that it meets the requirements, and then mass-produce the film without testing, and formal production is not allowed.

5. Consciously do the "first three inspections" and often self-inspect the quality of the workpiece work. It is not possible to stick the film to the end in one self-inspection.

6. When operating, the hand can only be 30 cm away from the drum, and can not enter the dangerous place. It is strictly forbidden to talk while operating, and to be distracted. Clothes and long hair must be tightly tied, and do not fly away.

7. After the work is completed or a failure occurs, the machine must be stopped first and reported to the supervisor. Apply for repair and hang up the maintenance card. It is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance during operation, and it is strictly forbidden to force it with illness.

8. Turn off the power switch and clean up the work site. The materials are stored in an orderly manner, leaving safe passages.

The above is all about the operation process of the online capping machine, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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