Multifunctional bottle cap assembly machine parts and assemblies upper and lower cap assembly machine


Multifunctional bottle cap assembly machine parts and assemblies upper and lower cap assembly machine

It is composed of several components or parts, which have structural and functional independence. Such components are called components or assemblies. For example, a filter, as long as the fluid flows from its interior through the aluminum cap Combined machine, it can filter the fluid, which can be called a component or an assembly. But it is customary to call the unit that directly forms the machine an assembly, and the similar units that make up the assembly are called components. For example, the engine is an assembly. The fuel pump and filter aluminum can also be called assemblies in nature, but they are cover assemblies installed on the engine assembly, so they are still called components.

The function of the single cap assembly machine is to complete the oil cap assembly machine, punch out the paper, and insert it into the cap assembly machine. In order to achieve the function of 120 caps\/min, the mechanical structure of the equipment adopts the vibrating hopper mechanism. Cover, double-channel cover feeding, double-knife punching, 2 stepper motors control cover feeding, and one stepper motor control paper feeding. Solenoid valve controls the cylinder to move the piston to plug the paper, etc. The overall flow of the mechanical system is shown in Figure 1 .The mechanical system of the bottle cap assembly machine is composed of the capping organization, the bottle cap assembly machine conveying organization, the gasket material conveying organization, the punching organization and the plugging organization.

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