Sleeve labeling machine manufacturing

Sleeve labeling machine manufacturing


In order to strengthen the protection and maintenance of the equipment, follow the principles of prevention first and the combination of protection and planned maintenance, so that the equipment will continue to maintain a good condition, so as to ensure the long-term cycle of the equipment, safe and stable operation. Please follow the following rules for equipment maintenance. Don't Luck

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To strengthen the protection and maintenance of the equipment, the principle of prevention first and the combination of protection and program maintenance should be followed, so that the equipment can continue to adhere to the outstanding conditions and ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the equipment. Please follow the following rules to protect and maintain the equipment.

Do not use corrosive plastic utensils.

The equipment needs to ensure that the matching power supply voltage can be put into production normally.

Check the chain and other working parts, if there is any defect, clean it up in time.

The operation of each positioning detection equipment should be free of misalignment, and should be readjusted if necessary.

Check each belt for slippage.

In case of holidays or when the equipment is not in use, it is necessary to clean the equipment, remove oil stains, and perform stable maintenance.

Do not overload or use equipment beyond plan.

Small problems that are not dealt with in a timely manner can lead to more serious shortcomings.

On-time inspection and protection

The machine should be inspected regularly to protect the normal operation of the machine, including but not limited to the following.

Throw away discarded confetti and debris.

Clean the lens of the sensor with a soft brush or cloth.

Anti-rust, spray anti-rust oil on all stainless steel and iron parts, gently wipe with a soft cloth evenly. It is recommended to use Om-40 anti-rust oil.

Thanks to your good maintenance and careful protection, the equipment can always be in good production condition.

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