High-quality lid closing machine manufacturers will show you the automatic flip closing machine


At present, plastic bottle butterfly caps are widely used in shampoo bottles and cosmetic bottles. At present, plastic bottle butterfly caps are all produced by injection molding machines. The butterfly cap is opened during injection molding, but the finished product must be turned over and closed after injection molding. Before the flip cap is closed, some butterfly caps need to be checked for defective products and oiled. Currently these processes are done manually. Due to rising labor costs, employment difficulties, etc., plastic bottles have been greatly affected The production efficiency of cap butterfly caps. In view of the above shortcomings, Tongcheng Saiwei Automatic Packaging Equipment Factory, a high-quality cap closing machine manufacturer, has launched a fully automatic machine device that integrates injection molding, flip cap closing, defective product detection, and oiling. It can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and completely solve the problem of labor difficulties.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solutions provided are as follows:

An automatic production device for butterfly caps for plastic bottles, including an injection molding machine, a manipulator, a special fixture, an automatic flip-top tightening machine and a receiving box. The automatic flip-top sealing machine is placed on the side of the injection molding machine, and the manipulator is placed above the injection molding machine. The fixture is installed on the manipulator, and the receiving box is placed under the automatic flip-cap sealing machine. After the plastic bottle butterfly cap is injection-molded, use the manipulator and special clamp to take out the product, and place it on the automatic flip-cap and cap machine for defective product inspection, oiling, Flip the lid, and the qualified products are automatically put into the storage box.

Features: labor-saving, fully automatic operation, wide versatility, one machine is suitable for a variety of products (the cover below d50 can be made), and the overall efficiency is high.

The functions of the automatic clamshell closing machine are as follows:

A device for realizing automatic oiling, turning and discharging of a fully automatic clam shell closing machine (referred to as clam shell machine), including a feeding mechanism, an oiling mechanism, a clam shell mechanism, a lid closing mechanism, a discharging manipulator and a receiving box. After the feeding mechanism moves to the mechanical origin, grab the butterfly cap of the plastic bottle on the injection manipulator (the injection manipulator must ensure that the butterfly cap is sent to the fixture of the feeding mechanism), and the feeding mechanism is driven by the motor to transfer the product to the oiling mechanism for oiling. The pen applies oil to the middle hole of the butterfly cover. After the oiling is completed, the feeding mechanism transmits the product to the flipping mechanism. First, the first flipping mechanism performs the pre-flipping operation, and then performs the second flipping operation for the rear horse. At this time, the product has been flipped , but some are not closed tightly. The feeding mechanism transfers the product to the position of the closing mechanism, and the cylinder closes the cover to meet the process requirements. Then, all the products are transferred by the unloading robot to the receiving box, and the feeding mechanism returns to the origin. Cycle operation until The specified capacity stops.

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