The cap closing machine manufacturer will take you to understand what are the command functions of the winding packaging machine?


The capper manufacturer will show you what is the command function of the wrapping machine?

Many buyers of winding packaging machines will understand the technical parameters, function introduction and other issues before purchasing. After purchasing, how to operate is particularly important. If the operation is improper, it is easy to cause the winding machine to malfunction. The following is a brief description of the commands of the winding packaging machine. Function.

We should be familiar with this control system of PLC. For packaging machinery, this control system is getting more and more attention. For our machinery and equipment, this control system will be used in production. Now many enterprises in order to cooperate with the production of the assembly line, Start to choose a machine with a higher degree of automation to use. Saiwei Xiaobian has briefly introduced the electrical system of the automatic winding machine before. Today, I will briefly introduce the functions of the system:

PLC has rich command system, various I\/O interfaces, communication interfaces, large memory and reliable operating system, so it has rich functions, such as signal acquisition function: it can collect switching signals, analog signals and pulse signals. Output control function : Can control the output of switching signal, analog signal and pulse (pulse train or pulse with adjustable pulse width) signal. Logic processing function: can perform various bit, byte, word double word logic operations. Data operation function: can be performed Various word, double-word integer operations, and some can also perform floating-point operations. Timing function. Delay or timing control can be performed, and the time can be accurate to milliseconds. Some have built-in real-time clocks.

Function: Countable, high-speed counting frequency can be as high as several hundred kHz. Interrupt processing function: Various internal and external interrupts can be realized to improve the response speed and accuracy of input. Program and data storage function: It can store system settings, programs and data, and ensure that these data are not lost in the event of a power outage.

In addition, there are network communication, self-test, self-diagnosis and other functions. The rich functions provide the possibility for the wide application of programmable controllers; at the same time, it also creates conditions for the automation, remoteization, informatization and intelligence of industrial systems .

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