Product features of online capping machine


The feature of the in-line capping machine is that it includes a bracket, and a vibrating plate and a second vibrating plate are arranged on the vibration plate bottom plate of the bracket; a reclaiming device is arranged on the reclaiming bottom plate of the bracket; A second capping device is arranged between the blanking device and the capping device, and the second capping device is supplied by a third vibrating plate arranged on the reclaiming bottom plate; the reclaiming bottom plate corresponds to one side of the capping device A spare parts device is provided, and the workpiece on the capping device is transferred from the reclaiming device to the second capping device.

Product features of online capping machine:

1. Multiple bottle type selection: can meet the standards of round bottle, square bottle, bottle mouth, bottle body and other products;

2. Accurate automatic positioning: fully mechanical transmission design, mandatory registration;

3. Human-computer interaction LCD touch screen: Chinese text display, easy and intuitive operation;

4. Electric eye control automatic feeding;

5. The PLC control system ensures the movement of the whole machine, the speed is orderly and adjustable, and the performance is stable;

6. The mechanical structure has high stability, the shape is exquisite and beautiful, the structural components are simple and elegant, and the maintenance is simple;

7. Screw conveying positioning mechanism: realize accurate distribution and conveying positioning of containers, bottles and cans of various shapes and specifications;

8. Without instrument adjustment, it is faster to replace materials of different specifications;

9. The maintenance cost of consumables is low (disposable blades), and the replacement is convenient;

10. The temperature of the steam\/electric heating shrinking furnace is uniform and stable, and the shrinking effect is outstanding;

Tongcheng Saiwei Automatic Packaging Equipment Factory is a manufacturer of automatic machinery and industrial equipment that produces and sells glue cap machines, cap closing machines, glue cap machines, cap closing machines, etc. It is located in Longmian East Road, Tongcheng City, Tongcheng City, Anhui Province, China.

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