Application and advantages of capping machine


The capping machine is a capping device independently developed based on years of experience in the injection molding industry and combined with the actual needs of the current capping industry. The closing process is perfect, and various caps can be operated stably, reliably and at high speed. It is suitable for 38 caps and caps. Butterfly cap closing machine, aluminum plastic cap closing machine, etc. It is an ideal automation equipment for injection molding enterprises.

The scope of application of the capping machine:

The types of bottle caps include flip caps, oil caps, vinegar caps, cosmetic caps, etc. The cap closing machine is an automated device developed for the one-piece flip cap. After injection molding, the one-piece flip cap does not close, but after it must be closed, the manufacturer It can only be used. Due to the slow speed of manual closing, low efficiency and insufficient closing effect, the cost of the manufacturer is increased, and the efficiency of closing the machine needs to be improved.

The cap closing machine is an ideal capping equipment, which can be used in bottle cap factories, packaging factories, food factories and daily chemical factories. It is convenient and accurate to use, avoiding the inconvenience and time-consuming caused by manual operation. Today, Bian Xiao will Tell you about the advantages of the closing machine. Nowadays, plastic bottle caps are widely used. Many bottle caps are butterfly caps, which are produced by injection molding machines. The butterfly caps produced by injection molding are now in the open state, but the product needs to be flipped and closed after injection molding , It should be closed as soon as possible after injection molding. However, the cost of manual closing is too high and the efficiency is low. The appearance of the cap closing machine greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and completely solves the employment problem.

Advantages of capping machine:

1. The imported aluminum profile assembly has a beautiful appearance.

2. The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the running speed is continuously adjustable.

3. The design of the adjustable position screw has high adjustability and precision.

4. Automatic counting and material shortage alarm.

5. It can be semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, which is convenient to replace different products for production.

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