How the capping machine works


If the "Pause" button is pressed during the operation of the cap-closing machine, the system will not stop working immediately. Each station is gradually interrupted until there is no workpiece on the turntable. During this process, the running indicator will light up, indicating that the system is stopping Liquor bottle cap assembly machine, the indicator light goes out until the system is officially interrupted. During the working process of the bottle cap assembly machine, if the "emergency interrupt" button is pressed, the system will immediately interrupt the operation, and then all the manipulators will interrupt the operation direction. When the "emergency interrupt" button is pressed "When the button is pulled up, the system initially resets the cap assembly machine, and all the manipulators return to the initial position of the cap closing machine, waiting for restart.

The function of the capping machine is to end the capping, punch out the paper, and insert it into the capping machine. To end the function of 120 sheets\/\/min, the mechanical layout of the equipment adopts vibrating hopper capping, double-channel capping, and double-knife blanking. , 2 stepper motors control the gland, one stepper motor controls the paper feeding. The solenoid valve controls the cylinder to move the piston plug paper, etc. The mechanical system of the bottle cap assembly machine consists of a device for arranging bottle caps and a conveying device for the bottle cap assembly machine. , The conveying device of the gasket material, the blanking device and the paper blocking device are composed.

The characteristics of the cover closing machine and the introduction of the equipment assembly process: Put the upper and lower covers to be assembled into the left and right movable feeders respectively: through the vibration and rotation in the feeder, make them enter the conveying chute in the same direction, and then pass through the chute Enter the central pressing host station. By pressing the rotation of the host, the upper and lower covers to be assembled can be accurately positioned and oriented by the radial pushing action of the negative plate, and then continue to rotate by pressing the plate, and then under the action of the cam track Press the upper and lower vertical rods together.

The function of the cover closing machine is to end the cover feeding, cut off the paper and insert it into the cover assembly. In order to complete the function of 120 sheets\/minute, the mechanical layout of the equipment consists of vibrating hopper, double-channel cover feeding, double-knife blanking, 2 steps The cap feeding controlled by the feeding motor, the paper feeding controlled by a stepping motor, the paper jam controlled by the solenoid valve, etc. are described. The mechanical system of the cap assembly machine consists of the arrangement of the caps, the conveying arrangement of the cap assembly machine, the gasket Material conveying arrangement, blanking arrangement, paper blocking arrangement, etc. Technical principle: 1. Clean the cover and make the cover face up. 2. Transfer the cover to the unloading position. 3. Send the aluminum foil to the unloading position. 4 .Press the perforated paper into the cover. Technical engineering: cover plate layout, vibrating hopper loading, orientation layout and instructions.

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