Condiment cover assembly machine using method and components


The condiment cap assembly machine is a semi-automatic bottle cap assembly equipment such as broken teeth and broken rings. It is mainly used to assemble various bottle caps and some non-standard products. The condiment cap assembly machine can be designed according to different needs to meet the assembly requirements. for plastic.

When the condiment cap assembly machine is active, unscrew the condiment cap assembly machine, press the "Start" button, the operation indicator lights up, the swing hopper starts to work, the material is actively fed into the feeding position, and the manipulator starts to pick up the material and actively Put it into the mold on the turntable. The rotary table is an 8-station pneumatic indexing table, each station has a positioning mold, and each mold can process 3 workpieces at the same time. The cap components of each station are sequentially Stacking, punching, assembling, and then the blanking manipulator grabs the workpiece and puts it into the blanking chute to slide down.

Components of the condiment cap assembly machine:

1. Orientation of parts, transportation, escapement

The messy parts are automatically oriented and arranged according to the spatial orientation that is convenient for the automatic processing of the machine, and then smoothly transported to the subsequent escapement system to prepare for the subsequent grasping of the manipulator.

2. Grab-shift-place system

Grab the part (part) held by the shift system or vacuum it and move to another position (usually the assembly work position).

3. Assembly work system

Refers to the system used to complete the main actions of the assembler, such as pressing, clamping, screwing, clamping, sticking, welding, riveting, sticking, and welding the workpiece to the previous part.

4. Test System

It is used to inspect the assembly parts or work results of the previous machine, such as missing parts inspection, dimension inspection, defect inspection, function inspection and material cleaning inspection.

5. Workpiece removal system

A system for sorting and removing assembled good and bad parts from a machine.

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