A brief introduction to the bottled water cap labeling machine


Introduction of bottled water cap labeling machine

Everyone is familiar with bottled water. The bottled water cap labeling machine is a labeling equipment that can be used for the production of bottled water labeling.

The bottled water cap labeling machine belongs to the round bottle labeling machine series, which is suitable for round bottle labeling in the industries of food, medicine, cosmetics, daily chemicals, electronics, 5 gold, plastic, etc. The applicable labels include self-adhesive labels, non-dry labels Adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc., can be marked with full perimeter and half perimeter.

Many connected production lines on the market use bottled water cap labeling machines. Bottled water automatically enters the labeling process, which can greatly improve production efficiency. It can be used together with related equipment. For example, it can be equipped with a ribbon coding labeling machine, which can be printed and produced online. Date and batch number, reduce the bottle packaging process and improve production efficiency.

In addition, what are the functional characteristics of the bottled water cap labeling machine? Let's introduce it.

This machine adopts a 3-bar adjustment mechanism, which makes full use of the stability of the triangle. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and the whole machine is durable and meets the production requirements of GMP;

The label has a high degree of coincidence, and the label belt is bypassed by the rectifying mechanism, and the label belt is not offset. The x\/y\/z direction and inclination of the label part can be adjusted with 8 degrees of freedom, and there is no dead angle to adjust, and the label has a high degree of coincidence;

High labeling quality, using elastic labeling tape, the labeling is smooth, no wrinkles, and the packaging quality is improved;

High stability, Panasonic PLC plus Panasonic touch screen plus Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye plus German Lloyd's label electric eye, supporting equipment runs 724 hours; and so on.

In addition, another great feature of the machine is that it can be customized. It can be designed and customized according to the specific production requirements of customers, and special functions and components can be selected, such as circumferential positioning and labeling functions and adding labeling devices, which can meet different requirements. production requirements.


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