What are the advantages of the capping machine


Advantages of capping machine

The cap closing machine is an ideal cap closing equipment that can be used in bottle cap factories, packaging factories, food factories and daily chemical factories. It is easy to use and accurate, avoiding the inconvenience and time-consuming problems caused by manual operation. Let me tell you about the advantages of the closing machine.

At present, most of the existing flip cap products rely on manual closure, which is low in efficiency. At the same time, the product is easily damaged when the cap is closed manually, resulting in the product function failing to meet the requirements and the product qualification rate being low. Now the application of plastic bottle caps is very extensive, Moreover, many types of lids are butterfly lids, which are produced by injection molding machines. The butterfly lids that have been injection molded are now in an open state, but the products have to be turned over and closed after injection molding. Ideal, but the cost of manual capping is too high and the efficiency is low. The appearance of the capping machine greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and completely solves the problem of labor difficulties.

What are the advantages of the lid closing machine: 1. The imported aluminum profiles are assembled with beautiful appearance. 2. Well-known electrical brands. 3. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and the running speed can be continuously adjusted. 4. Adjustable position screw design, adjustment, precision High.5, automatic counting, material shortage alarm.6, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, easy to replace the production of different products.

The automatic cap closing machine is based on the experience in the injection molding industry of Saiwei Packaging for many years, and is a self-developed capping equipment for the actual needs of the current capping industry. The technical level of the whole machine is better than that of domestic and foreign counterparts, and the capping process is perfect, stable and reliable. , High-speed processing of various caps, suitable for 22-in-1 (3-in-1) split caps such as 38 cap capping machine, butterfly cap capping machine, aluminum-plastic cap capping machine, etc. It is an ideal automation equipment for injection cap enterprises. .

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