Closing machine manufacturers - how to improve filling machine equipment


Closing machine manufacturers - how to improve filling machine equipment

The growing market demand promotes the filling machinery market to become larger and larger. At present, the filling machine equipment on the market, such as liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, particle filling machine, etc., has been integrated into automation technology, which has greatly improved the filling rate. Production efficiency, further meet the needs of different types of customers, and some domestic equipment can also be tailored according to the different needs of customers, breaking the previous pattern of blindly imitating foreign products.

According to industry insiders, filling machine equipment provides a guarantee for modern processing and mass production in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries. In the case that my country's packaging machinery market still has great potential, more fields have put forward new requirements for filling machines .It is understood that the filling machine equipment on the current market is numerous and complex, the batch is small, and the lack of supporting facilities between enterprises has become a problem in the development of the industry, and the current equipment lacks independent intellectual property rights, and there are few original products and low technical content. The university does not have a special filling machine major to provide professional talents for the industry, and these existing problems directly restrict the development of the packaging industry.

Therefore, for filling machine manufacturers, in the current situation of fierce competition in the filling market, they must pay close attention to market demand and development trends. Only by insisting on the road of independent innovation, continuously enhancing the technical level of products, improving the technical content and The ability to innovate and walk out of one's own path can be beneficial to the long-term development of the enterprise, promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and thus drive the improvement of the level of my country's filling machine industry.

In addition, with the development of society and economy, both individual users and large enterprises are growing, and they are developing more and more in the direction of automation, and the production line plays an important role in realizing the automatic production of user enterprises. Therefore, filling Machine production equipment should pay attention to the construction of the supporting facilities of the filling machine. The author understands that according to this situation, more and more filling machine manufacturers apply higher-end filling machine equipment to the production line, and cooperate with Capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer and other equipment work together, so as to better realize the automation development needs of enterprises.

The author learned that the SGNJ suppository filling machine production line developed by Shanghai Shengguan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a model customized according to customer packaging materials. The production line is developed by the design team of Shengguan Company. , Pneumatic, automatic integration, with high degree of automation, high yield, wide adaptability, good stability and other characteristics. Compared with similar filling machines, the machine runs stably, low noise, high yield, It is both safe and stable. Through the deepening of the product process technology by the company's technical personnel, the machine can be well adapted to the automatic operation of the tube. At present, this equipment is widely used in ointment, cosmetics, glue, latex, gel and other products. Filling production.

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