Cover machine manufacturers take you to understand the application of UV pad printing technology


Cover machine manufacturers take you to understand the application of UV pad printing technology

The capping machine manufacturer will take you to understand the application of UV pad printing technology. The advantages of the oil cup pad printing machine have won the favor of those enterprises that are applying for or have obtained ISO14000 environmental management certification, but we cannot help but admit that the oil cup type printing machine The printer does not necessarily prevent environmental damage. Part of the closed solvent in the oil cup achieves a dynamic balance inside the oil cup, and the other part is transferred to the surface of the product along with the pigment and resin. The solvent still needs to evaporate into the air, and the oil The main function of the cup is to change the volatilization of the solvent in the ink into effective volatilization. Whether it is the process of ink loading or cleaning, we still cannot completely rule out the volatilization of the solvent. Therefore, the oil cup pad printer will sooner or later have to face Challenges of UV pad printing technology. UV technology is an environmentally friendly technology that became popular in the 1980s. It uses photosensitive inks with acrylic resin as the main component to replace long-term solvent-based inks. In the fields of offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and screen printing , UV technology is gaining popularity. In contrast, UV pad printing technology is long overdue.

The reason for the slow progress of UV technology is that the development of UV inks faces some difficulties, as mentioned above. Any new technology will face various difficulties, but no difficulties can hinder the development of UV pad printing technology. The attention of UV pad printing technology, the popularity of UV technology in the field of pad printing is a matter of time.

Because of the successful development of UV ink, the main obstacles of UV technology have been removed, and other related technologies can be put into production with only slight modifications. For example, the products involved in pad printing are relatively small, and it is easy to set up a miniaturized curing device. Pre-processing, printing system and curing device-body type pad printing machine should be put on the agenda. It is believed that the next few years will be a critical period for the further improvement and maturity of UV pad printing technology.

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