Glue cap machine manufacturers introduce the role of glue caps


Glue cap machine manufacturers introduce the role of glue caps

The rubber cap machine products have the characteristics of water release, anti-theft, strong confidentiality, etc. The sealing cover can also print trademark patterns according to customer requirements, which are widely used in lubricating oil, chemical industry, grain and oil and other industries. Product packaging essential supplies.

The glue cap machine is mainly used for the heat shrinking of the glue cap of the packaging line.

The main features of the glue cap machine are:

1. The rubber cap shrinks evenly, and the bottom is neat and wrinkle-free;

2. The whole machine is fully automatic in and out of the bottle, and the heat shrinking equipment runs automatically without manual operation;

3. There is a gathering and dispersing protection device at the bottle wheel, such as bottle jam, automatic shutdown to ensure safe production.

In the early days, the wine needed to be stored in the wine cellar after bottling. The dark and humid environment in the wine cellar is especially suitable for storing and maturing wine, plastic caps, but it also provides some small animals and bugs. An ideal living environment. When these small animals or bugs like to feed on wood materials, the cork used for wine bottling becomes a delicacy in their belly, but in this way, the wine in the bottle suffers. This glue The cap comes in handy, and the wine can be effectively maintained.

Wine producers add caps to the mouth of the bottle to prevent rodents from eating the cork and worms such as weevil worms to burrow into the bottle. The cap is heated to cause the shrink film to shrink tightly around the product or package. Fully display the appearance of the items, improve the product's marketability, red wine plastic caps, add beauty and a sense of value. The items packaged by the heat shrinking machine can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, soy sauce plastic caps, and protect the product from external Impact, has a certain buffer, especially when packaging fragile products, it can prevent the utensils from flying when they are broken. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen.

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