How does the medicine cap closing machine produce medicine cap bottle caps?


How does the medicine cap closing machine produce medicine caps?

Plastic bottle caps are very common in our daily life, but do we know how they are produced? Let us introduce how the medicine cap sealing machine produces medicine caps. According to the production process: it can be divided into injection caps and compression moulding cover.

First, the production process of the injection cap is:

The blister machine sucks the mixed material into the barrel of the injection molding machine, heats it to melt and plasticize in the barrel, and then injects it into the mold cavity, cools and molds in the mold cavity, demolds, and then cuts the ring, pads, and completes injection molding Production of covers.

2, the production art of compression molding cover is:

The blister machine sucks the mixed material into the barrel of the compression molding machine, heats it to a semi-molten plasticizing state in the barrel, and then quantitatively extrudes it into the mold cavity. The upper and lower molds are closed, molded, cooled, formed, and demolded. , and then cut the ring and fill it to complete the production of the molded cap.

1. The molding temperature is low, the shrinkage rate is small, and the cover scale is relatively accurate;

2. The injection molding cover needs to heat the material to a melt flow state of about 250 degrees Celsius; compression molding only needs to be heated to about 180 degrees Celsius, and the energy consumption of the injection molding cover is higher than that of the injection molding cover.

3. The compression molding and capping machine is a special machine for bottle caps, and has a special bottle cap demoulding scheme. The bottle cap injection machine has no special planning for the bottle cap at all, so the molded bottle cap can be made into a bell mouth, and the hanging rate is high. , users like to use it.

4. Injection molding fills all mold cavities at one time, and compression molding extrudes one cap material at a time. The extrusion pressure of compression molding is small, but the pressure required for injection molding is relatively high.

5. The volume of the injection mold is large, and it is troublesome to replace a single cavity; each cavity of the compression molding is relatively independent and can be replaced independently;

Everyone knows the production of medicine caps for medicine caps and caps!

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