Technical parameters of glue cap machine


The glue cap machine is mainly suitable for the bottle type that needs the bottle mouth heat shrinkable glue cap after liquid filling and sealing.

The main structure of the glue cap machine:

1. Transmission system: motor, spindle, head, sealing knife, etc.

2. Covering system: aluminum cover has capping die, sealing knife, etc.

The main technical parameters of the glue cap machine:

\u003Ci>1.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>1.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>封盖头数:单头\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>Number of capping heads: single head\u003C\/b>

\u003Ci>2.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>2.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>生产能力:1200瓶\/小时\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>Production capacity: 1200 bottles\/hour\u003C\/b>

\u003Ci>3.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>3.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>适用瓶盖:铝制防盗盖\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>Applicable bottle cap: aluminum anti-theft cap\u003C\/b>

\u003Ci>4.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>4.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>适用瓶高:80—350mm(特殊需定做)\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>Applicable bottle height: 80-350mm (special need to be customized)\u003C\/b>

5. Motor power: 0.37\/0.55KW

6. Power supply voltage: 380V\/220V

7. Machine size: 300600900mm

The main features of the glue cap machine:

(1) Semi-automatic sealing machine is the most effective equipment for twist-off aluminum anti-theft caps and bottle mouths in China.

(2) The structure adopts 4-jaw balanced head sealing, the rolling and edge closing are automatically completed at one time, the pressure stroke adjustment is simple, the texture is uniform, the appearance is smooth and wrinkle-free, and the sealing effect is good.

(3) There is an automatic positioning device for the bottle mouth and the positioning of the bottom of the bottle at the same time, which overcomes many disadvantages of single positioning by the bottom of the bottle.

(4) It has the advantages of compact and reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, convenient operation and adjustment, and good work and sealing quality.

(5) The scope of use has been expanded, and it can be used for sealing aluminum caps, plastic caps, and canned bottle caps.


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