The structure and characteristics of the capping machine


The capping machine is an automatic equipment developed for the one-piece flip. The capping machine is easy to use and has a wide coverage. Its appearance avoids the inconvenience and time-consuming caused by manual operations. After injection molding, the one-piece cover does not close, and the one-piece flip It must be closed before it can be sold to merchants. Due to the slow speed of manual closing, low efficiency and insufficient closing effect, the cost of the manufacturer is increased, so there is a shutdown machine.

The capping machine is widely used for carton sealing in food, beverage, cosmetics, household appliances, books, textiles, department stores, chemical industry and other industries. It can be operated by a single machine, or can be connected with the existing conveyor line, and the whole line runs smoothly; the whole equipment adopts the standard S304 Stainless steel and imported aluminum alloy, double-layer anodized treatment, no rust and no deformation.

The features of the lid closing machine: when the size of the carton changes, manual positioning, automatic folding of the top cover and back cover of the carton, automatic folding of the corners after fast flattening. 2 side covers are stable and beautiful, and 2 side motors automatically drive high-strength PVC tape into the carton in time Sealing, the upper and lower sealing action can be completed at one time. The cover closing machine adopts pneumatic device to realize the automatic folding of the back cover. The work is reliable, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance is simple. Packaging line. That is, the tape is flat, firm, standardized, beautiful, and will not tear the box.

Closing machine equipment structure:

1. Automatic capping mechanism: sort out the messy caps and make all caps face up.

2. Dispensing mechanism: Before the battery is inserted into the bottle cap, complete the dispensing action (optional).

3. Gasket insertion mechanism: the gasket is inserted into the bottle cap.

4. Bottle cap conveying mechanism: the sorted bottle caps are transported to the sealing mechanism in an orderly and accurate manner.


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