Features and application of glue cap machine


The glue cap machine is mainly suitable for the bottle type that needs a heat shrinkable rubber cap after the liquid filling and sealing.

(1) The structure and working principle of the whole machine are simple, the work is reliable and stable, and the maintenance is convenient.

(2) The glue cap machine adopts a uniform adjustable blowing heat shrink head, which is heated in a ring shape and shrinks evenly. The surface of the glue cap is firm and smooth, beautiful and wrinkle-free.

(3) Temperature regulating electric heating tube, microcomputer control, synchronous temperature regulation.

(4) When shutting down or power outage in the middle of the work, the cylinder is quickly lifted to the top to prevent the rubber cap from catching fire.

(5) The power system and the dial system are equipped with buffer overload protection devices, which are equipped with elastic elements to absorb during startup, which is smooth and soft. In the event of an accident, the overload device immediately cuts off the power supply, and the equipment automatically stops, effectively ensuring the safety of people and machines. .

Product description of glue cap machine

The rubber cap machine, also known as the automatic rubber cap heat shrinking machine, is widely used in the sealing and decoration of wine, rice wine, liquor, spices, vats of water and other products. The rubber cap shrinking machine is used in conjunction with the filling production line. According to the different materials and Thickness, by setting different temperatures of the electronic temperature regulator, the temperature in the heating and shrinking chamber can be changed, so as to achieve the effect of shrinking. The glue cap machine has the characteristics of small size, simple structure, novel and beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is suitable for wine, Heat shrinkage of PVC heat shrinkable caps on filling lines such as liquor and fruit wine.

Product features of glue cap machine: high degree of automation, compact structure, convenient operation, low energy consumption, good heat shrinkage effect.

technical parameter:

Power: 380 volts

Production capacity: 2000-3000 bottles\/hour

Temperature adjustment method: electronic temperature indicator regulator.

Temperature adjustment range: 0-290 degrees

Applicable bottle types: round bottles and various special-shaped bottles.

Applicable bottle height: 150-340mm, special can be customized.



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