Features of Butterfly Cover Closing Machine


The lid closing machine includes two cranks, the front and rear side frame platforms of the positioning fixture are provided with support seats, and the two ends of the cranks are respectively hinged with the corresponding support seats; one of the support seats is provided with a driving device, and the driving device is respectively connected with the two cranks Synchronous transmission connection. An automatic cap closing machine, including the entire cap closing machine, a support frame, a blocking surface, a second baffle, a fixed frame, a supporting chassis, a motor, a roller, a conveyor belt, a fixed plate, a positioning cylinder, an infrared sensor, and a positioning parts, ceiling box, floor box, x\/z axis manipulator, cover closing mechanism, pressing plate, moving block, second fixed plate, slide rail and lifting cylinder. And solve the inefficiency caused by the cumbersome manual packaging process, the packaging process The problem of high labor cost caused by the large number of personnel.

Advantages of capping machine:

1. The imported aluminum profiles are beautifully assembled;

2. Well-known electrical appliance brands;

3. Using variable frequency speed regulation, the running speed is continuously adjustable;

4. Adjustable positioning screw design, high adjustment accuracy;

5. Automatic counting and material shortage alarm;

6. It can be semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, which is convenient for changing different products;

Butterfly cap closing machine is a capping equipment independently developed according to the actual needs of the capping industry. The technical level of the whole machine is at the top of the domestic and foreign counterparts, and the capping process is perfect. It can process various caps stably, reliably and at high speed. .It is suitable for the combination of butterfly caps (folding caps) and other conjoined caps. It is an ideal automation equipment for injection cap enterprises. It is suitable for oil caps, vinegar caps, soy sauce caps, etc. The butterfly cap closing machine can effectively reduce the production cost of bottle caps and improve the Product cleanliness, reduce human contact pollution.

Product features of butterfly cap closing machine:

1. Stable operation, fast speed, replace labor, remove 2 pollution.

2. Close the cover and close the counting function;

3. Lack of cover alarm function;

4. Mechanically beautiful, generous and durable;

5. The parts are well-selected, and the product quality assurance system is implemented.

6. Fully automatic.


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