Equipment characteristics of glue cap machine


Equipment characteristics of glue cap machine

The glue cap machine, also known as the automatic glue cap heat shrinking machine, is widely used in sealing decoration products such as wine, yellow wine, liquor, seasoning products, and vat water. Everyone must be very unfamiliar with the glue cap machine. Features of the cap machine.

1. The structure and working principle are simple, the work is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.

2, The motor speed is steplessly adjustable, the circular heater, the compact structure, the low power consumption, and the microcomputer temperature control.

3. It adopts the specially developed rubber cap heat shrink head, anti-scald design, convenient and adjustable heating temperature, annular heating, uniform shrinkage, firm and smooth, beautiful and wrinkle-free.

4. The automatic rubber cap heat shrinking machine adopts the combination of automatic capping machine and single-head automatic heat shrinking machine, which is a new mechatronic product developed by our factory. All pneumatic components are selected from FEFTO, SMC and other well-known brands, with reliable quality and working performance. Stable, labor-saving and time-saving. It has many advantages such as accurate cap drop and cap positive.

5. The fully automatic plastic cap heat shrinking machine adopts the principle of 6 heat shrink heads synchronously temperature regulation, microcomputer control, and air-blown shrinkage. After the machine is stopped, the 6 heat shrink heads are automatically lifted quickly to prevent the rubber cap from being burned.

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