Product introduction of lid closing machine


First, the origin of the cover machine:

At present, cap closing machines are widely used in shampoo bottles and cosmetic bottles. Plastic butterfly caps are currently produced by injection molding machines, and the butterfly caps are currently opened during injection molding, and the finished product must be turned over and closed immediately after injection molding. Ideally, some butterfly covers should be closed immediately after injection molding. Currently these procedures are done manually. Due to rising labor costs and employment difficulties, plastic butterfly covers are greatly affected.

In view of the above shortcomings, Dongguan Hexiang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has invented a fully automatic machine that integrates injection molding, flip cover, defective product detection, and oiling, which can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and completely solve the problem of employment difficulties. The problem. It is the necessary equipment for plastic cover merchants to achieve mass production.

2. Application fields of capping machine:

At present, the Hexiang capping machine is used in the cosmetic industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It cooperates with various conventional or special hose caps, bottle caps, toothpaste caps, soy sauce bottle caps, toiletry caps, etc.

3. Technical scheme of capping machine:

An automatic production device for butterfly caps for plastic bottles, including an injection molding machine, a manipulator, a special fixture, an automatic flip-top tightening machine and a receiving box. The cap closing machine is placed on the side of the injection molding machine, the manipulator is placed above the injection molding machine, and the special clamp is installed on the manipulator. The receiving box is placed under the cap closing machine. After the plastic bottle butterfly cap is injection-molded, the product is taken out with a manipulator and a special fixture, placed on the cap closing machine for defective product inspection, oiled, turned over, and then the qualified products are automatically placed. into the storage box.

4. The machine features of the capping machine:

Labor saving, fully automatic operation, wide versatility, one machine is suitable for a variety of products (covering D50 and below), high comprehensive efficiency, safe operation, tailor-made, 2-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, free installation and commissioning.

5, the function and process of the capping machine;

The cap-closing machine is a device for fully automatic oiling, turning and discharging, including the feeding mechanism, the oiling mechanism, the turning mechanism, the structure of the cap-closing machine and the receiving box of the discharging manipulator. The feeding mechanism is driven by the motor to convey the product To the oiling mechanism, the oiling pen applies oil to the middle hole of the butterfly cover. After the oiling is completed, the feeding mechanism transfers the product to the flipping mechanism. First, the initial flipping mechanism performs the pre-flip operation, and after completion, immediately performs the second Turnover operation. The product has been turned over, but some are not closed tightly. The feeder moves the product to the position of the capping machine, and the capping is tightly closed by the cylinder to meet the process requirements. Then, the unloading robot transfers all the products to the receiving box, into The feeding mechanism returns to the origin and runs cyclically until the specified capacity stops.

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