Application of capping machine


Application of capping machine

Applicable industries: catering, food, daily chemicals, medicine, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, chemicals, home textiles, gifts, handicrafts, toys, 5 gold, machinery Water, oils, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning, detergents, yogurt, fresh milk, jelly, sauces, toothpaste, liquid alcohol, oral liquid

Scope of application: bottle cap closing machine is the ideal capping equipment for bottle cap factories, packaging factories, food factories, daily chemical factories, mainly for bottle cap types: flip caps, oil bottle caps, vinegar caps, cosmetic caps, etc.

The bottle cap closing machine is an automatic device developed for the one-piece flip cap. The one-piece cap is still not closed after injection molding, and the one-piece flip cap must be closed before the manufacturer can use it, because the technology has a slow closing speed and low power. The effect of closing caps is not in place, resulting in increased costs for manufacturers. For this market, our company has independently developed a cap closing machine to fill the market gap.

Production process: The flip cover is sorted by the vibrating plate, arranged in a certain direction into the conveyor line, and then sent to the host for the closing process, and the final product is counted out of the cover.

The automatic bottle cap closing machine is a special standard bottle cap folding machine newly developed by our company. The machine has humanized design, variable frequency speed regulation, stable and reliable performance, and a high degree of automation. It is a more ideal equipment for oil bottle cap assembly. Operation The whole process main control adopts more advanced CPU control; more advanced, more stable and more compatible; more advanced heating method, rapid preheating, electronic heating, active constant temperature control, constantly monitoring temperature changes; stable transmission process, no noise , The reset is reliable, the needle is stable, the movement is flexible, the bending resistance is good, and the heat resistance is good.

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