The characteristics and product performance of the glue cap machine


Glue caps are produced by glue cap machines. Common glue caps should be on red wine, white wine, wine bottles, but there are many types of glue caps. Today, glue cap machine manufacturers introduce the characteristics of glue cap machines and the performance of glue cap products. Rubber caps can not only effectively prevent water, moisture, dust and pollution, but also better protect the products in circulation. They are widely used in daily plastic products, ceramics, handicrafts, batteries and other industries. Today, the glue cap machine manufacturer Saiwei Let me introduce the characteristics of the glue cap machine and the performance of the glue cap products.

Features of glue cap machine:

1. Simple operation and reliable operation.

2. Maintenance, so at least, the equipment has a long service life.

3. Frequency conversion speed regulation can adjust the working speed according to different production speeds.

4. Silicon controlled temperature control, PVC rubber cap heat shrinking machine, small temperature fluctuation, low power consumption, round heating head rubber cap shrinks evenly, and heat shrinking effect is good.

5. Equipped with overload protection device to stop the machine when the bottle is stuck to protect the safety of human and machine.

Cap product performance:

1. The printing pattern of the rubber cap is delicate and clear, and the visual impact is strong, which is convenient to show the grade of the product and further enhance the value of the product.

2. Rubber bottle caps are widely used in all kinds of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, wine bottle C, and can be marked, publicized, and produced.

3. The rubber cap can not only effectively prevent water, moisture and dust, but also better protect the products in circulation.

4. The rubber cap has good shrinkage, and can be fastened to the packaged object after heat shrinking, and it is not easy to fall off.

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