Glue cap machine manufacturers bring you hot stamping technology


Glue cap machine manufacturers have brought you hot stamping skills. In order to attract customers' attention and influence their desire to buy, today's product packaging is becoming more and more beautiful and more dazzling. When customers buy products, they stop at each product It takes no more than 1.8 seconds to display the product, and a medium-sized supermarket has no less than 30,000 products. In order to attract the attention of customers, novel and unique packaging has become an important killer for merchants. When you are shopping or hanging out in supermarkets or malls, you It will be found that metal and holography are more and more widely used in packaging products. Hot stamping technology refers to the use of a special metal hot stamping plate to transfer the hot stamping foil to the surface of the printing material by heating and pressing. Hot stamping technology The advantages mainly include the following:

(1) The hot stamping pictures are of good quality, high precision and sharp edges.

(2) The appearance has high gloss, and the hot stamping picture is bright and smooth.

(3) There are many kinds of hot stamping foils, such as hot stamping foils of different colors and hot stamping foils with different gloss effects, which are suitable for hot stamping foils of different substrates.

(4) Another outstanding advantage of the hot stamping process is that it can be used for three-dimensional hot stamping. The three-dimensional hot stamping plate is made by numerical control method, which makes the hot stamping graphics and text have a significant three-dimensional level, and forms a relief effect on the surface of the printed matter, producing a strong visual effect. Impact. Three-dimensional hot stamping can make the package have a common touch. Closing machine

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