Knowledge about online capping machine maintenance


Knowledge of online capping machine maintenance

The online capping machine is suitable for PVC heat shrinkable bottle caps (manual caps, machine caps, domestic materials, imported materials), aluminum-plastic caps, tin caps, capping machines The quality of caps is reliable, the performance is stable, and the labor consumption and cost are greatly reduced .Today, Xiaobian brings you some relevant information about the maintenance of the online capping machine.

Positioning belt set: 1. Clean and lubricate the dry bearing sleeve and sliding rod. 2. Add butter to the gear rod of the adjusting handwheel. 3. Regularly check whether the positioning belt is worn or too loose and abnormal noise.

Photo bottle electric eye: 1. The electric eye slider should be kept clean and easy to adjust. 2. Keep the reflector clean, otherwise it will be easy to reflect insensitive.

Brush lower group: 1. Regularly check whether the timing belt is worn or loose; 2. Do not clamp the rubber wheel too tightly when adjusting, otherwise it will heat up and wear quickly.

Drive group: 1. The gear rod and bevel gear used to adjust the tightness of the drive wheel should be lubricated regularly. 2. The linear bearing slider should be oiled regularly to ensure easy adjustment. 3. The top screw of the timing pulley of the rear drive group should be regularly Tighten, the drive motor should not be loose, otherwise the motor is prone to abnormal noise and cause failure, please pay attention. 4. When it is found that the drive rubber wheel is seriously worn, it must be replaced.

Brush set: 1. Do not adjust the timing belt too tightly, otherwise it will wear out quickly. 2. Please use rubber bands or end belts as brushes.

Cutter set: 1. Regularly check that the connecting screw between the motor shaft of the cutter head and the timing pulley should not be loose, otherwise the sensor will easily damage the sensor. 2. Before starting the machine, the fixing screws on the 2 side of the cutter set must be tightened. 3. The eccentric shaft inside the cutter set and the fixing screw of the insert seat should be tightened regularly (due to long-term operation, it may become loose)

Bottle-separating screw group: 1. Adjust the gear rod of the handwheel with butter, and adjust the 4 sliding rods with lubricating oil. 2. After unscrewing the screw, apply butter on the gear. 3. Please put the removed center column in place ,Be careful of bumps, it is easy to affect the smoothness of registration.

Electric eye holder group: 1. The slide bar should be cleaned and oiled frequently. 2. Under normal circumstances, the label's sensor sensitivity does not need to be adjusted. Unless the label is pulled down, use a screwdriver to adjust the sensor sensitivity knob to the right (turn the sensor to the right increased sensitivity).

Human-machine interface: 1. Do not touch metal or other hard things. 2. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

The above is about the maintenance of the online capping machine. I hope it will help you.

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