Introduction of filling line plastic cap forming machine


Today, Xiaobian brings you the introduction of the filling line plastic cap forming machine:

The filling system includes a liquid distribution system and a liquid distributor. The liquid distribution system is mainly used to transfer the prepared liquid medicine to a liquid dispenser or a liquid medicine bag. The liquid dispenser is a buffer liquid dispenser integrated tank and a closed liquid dispenser. The filling part is mainly composed of rotary valve motor and driving unit, multi-load motor and driving unit, transmission gear, roller screw and ceramic pump. The needle seat structure is mainly used to track and locate the bottle for corresponding filling.

In terms of electrical control, positioning can be achieved by filling the position control method of the servo motor. The following three points belong to electrical observation: when the servo motor does not reach the intended position, the servo motor will alarm and stop the filling and equipment. - Start valve operation Same as the filling pump, i.e. the reciprocating and lifting operation of the needle seat.

According to the analysis, the filling amount is generally prohibited due to the appearance of dripping water or 4 bubbles. You can choose special sterilization equipment as much as possible, do not mix the pump body and the pump rod, and minimize the height difference between the installation positions of each component and equipment. If it cannot be reduced, A buffer device should be added between the buffer tank and the pump, and the number of tests should be increased after each installation of the pump. If the coupling is too shaken, it should be replaced.

In addition, fasten the needle seat. If it cannot be fastened, replace the fastener. Shorten the length of the silicone tube as much as possible. If there is still shaking, add a fastener in the middle. Of course, according to different pharmaceutical processes, different back and forth should be added. Injection formula, call different reinjection formulas in different situations.

The above is the introduction of the filling line plastic cap forming machine. Interested friends can log in to the official website of Tongcheng Saiwei Automatic Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. for more information.

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