Description of technical advantages of online capping machine


As we all know, product packaging is one of the magic weapons to attract buyers' attention. How is the elegant outer packaging presented? That is to use the labeling machine. Let's talk about the technical advantages of the online capping machine:

1. High speed, stability and long service life: All parts are made of brand and related industrial control industry products. In addition, its unique closed design not only protects the operator, but also protects the equipment system itself, greatly extending the service life of the equipment .

2. Good safety performance: The design process of the new online capping machine fully reflects the design concept of human-machine harmony. If the hidden safety hazard is caused by improper human operation, its safety system will automatically detect and stop running immediately, and it must be restored and passed the test Then it can continue to run.

3. Wide range of application: within the effective folding diameter range, it can be used whether the packaging material is round, square or other special shapes, whether the material is glass or plastic.

4. Low operating cost: There are multiple bottles in one machine, and only the cutters on the whole equipment are easy-to-wear parts, which are easy to obtain, easy to replace, and low cost burden.

5. Convenient replacement of packaging materials: Modular mold change design is adopted, one bottle and one mold do not require tools, just simple manual adjustment.

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