Features of the capping machine


The capping machine is used to cap the product. It includes a frame, an input mechanism, a pressing mechanism and an output mechanism. The input mechanism includes a material placement and push part.

Features of the capping machine

1. The capping mechanism has added the function of removing the caps, so that the reverse caps can be automatically returned to the capping machine to ensure that all the caps of the discharging bottles enter the conveyor belt as required;

2. This model is arranged by the vibrating cover, and then sent to the conveyor belt. Then it enters the main box cover. After being positioned on the conveyor belt, it enters the main box cover. After assembly, it is automatically sent to the cover-out conveyor belt.

3. The mechanical transmission and positioning mechanism is adopted to make the equipment work stably and reliably, and it is suitable for various bottle caps of different specifications.

4. The machine is controlled by PLC, and the electrical control system adopts frequency conversion control technology, which can be set arbitrarily, with a wide range of applications, simple operation, stable operation, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, and durability.

5. The automatic test function of finished products can be selected to check whether there is air leakage after the lid is closed. The inspection device can automatically remove unqualified bottle caps to the defective area to ensure the qualified rate of bottle caps.

6. The cover closing machine is equipped with protective devices such as no cover shutdown to realize humanized operation.

7. With automatic counting function, the number of caps can be set to stop automatically, which greatly improves the follow-up work efficiency.

Application range of capping machine

1. It is an ideal capping equipment for bottle cap factories, packaging factories, food factories and daily chemical factories.

2. Mainly for various types of caps.

3. The lid closing machine is an automatic device developed for the one-piece flip. The one-piece cover has not been closed after injection molding. The one-piece flip must be closed before the manufacturer can use it. Due to the slow speed and low efficiency of manual closing, the cover is not properly closed. , resulting in an increase in the cost of manufacturers. For this market, a corresponding capping machine has appeared.


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