The functional advantages of the capping machine


The cap closing machine is an ideal capping equipment, which can be used in bottle cap factories, packaging factories, food factories and daily chemical factories. It is convenient and accurate to use, avoiding the inconvenience and time-consuming problems caused by manual operation. Today, Xiaobian will Introduce the cap closing machine in detail for you. Now plastic caps are widely used, many caps are butterfly caps, which are produced by injection molding machines. The butterfly caps produced by injection molding are now in the open state, but the products need to be turned and closed after injection molding, try to It is closed immediately after injection molding. However, the cost of manual capping is too high and the efficiency is low. The appearance of the capping machine greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and completely solves the problem of employment difficulties.

The machine features of the cap closing machine: labor-saving, fully automatic operation, strong versatility, no pollution. One machine is suitable for a variety of products, with high comprehensive efficiency, safe operation, and tailor-made.

The function and process of the cap closing machine: the cap closing machine can complete the automatic oiling point, turning and discharging equipment, including the feeding mechanism, the oiling point mechanism, the turning mechanism, the capping mechanism and the receiving box of the discharging manipulator. Feeding The paper towel is driven by the motor to transfer the product to the position of the oil-pointing paper towel, and the oil-pointing pen performs oil-pointing operation on the center hole of the butterfly cover. After the oil filling is completed, the feeding mechanism transfers the product to the turning mechanism, and the turning mechanism performs the pre-turning operation and oil filling. Immediately after the completion of the second turning operation. The product has been turned over, but some parts are not tightly sealed. The feeder moves the product to the mechanical position of the gland, and the gland is tightly closed by the cylinder to meet the process requirements. Then, all The product is transferred to the receiving box by the unloading manipulator, and the feeding mechanism returns to the origin to cycle and stop at the specified capacity.

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