Features of bottled water online capping machine


Features of bottled water online capping machine

The invention relates to an in-line capping machine for cylinder water, comprising forming equipment, capping equipment and a control system. There is a guardrail on one side, and an equipment board at the center of the other side. There are 2 groups of movable limit devices on the equipment board; Interactive interface. Using this technology, the forming process and capping process of bottled water rubber caps can be completed online, and no manual capping is required in the later stage. Through the intelligent control system, fully automatic processing can be completed, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.

An online cylinder water capping machine, comprising a support cabinet, characterized in that the support cabinet is provided with forming equipment, capping equipment and a control system for controlling the forming equipment and the capping equipment; Turntable, ring making machine, pounding plate, softening box and bottom sealing machine fixed on the support cabinet, the turntable can be rolled horizontally, and a plurality of cup-shaped fixed molds are evenly arranged on the upper surface and outer surface of the turntable along the circumferential direction, when the turntable rolls When the cup-shaped fixed die is passed through the output end of the ring making machine, the lower part of the striking disc, the inside of the softening box and the output end of the bottom sealing machine in turn; the capping equipment includes a conveyor and a conveyor, and the conveyor includes a drive box fixed on the support cabinet , A rotating shaft movably arranged at the top of the drive box and a rotating frame connected with the rotating shaft, the rotating frame includes at least 4 rotating arms, and the end of each rotating arm is provided with a downward cup-shaped cover. When the rotating frame rolls, the cup-shaped cover The circular track that rolls over the cup-shaped fixed mold; the conveyor includes a conveyor belt, one side of the conveyor belt is provided with a guardrail, the center of the other side is provided with an equipment board, and the equipment board is provided with two sets of movable limit devices; the control system includes a main The controller, the electronic control system and the electronic control system connected with the main controller, the electronic control system is composed of a motor and a plurality of chains, and is used to control the turntable, looper, back sealer, transmission box and conveyor belt; the electronic control system consists of an electric pump It is composed of multiple air ducts, used to control the looper, pounding plate, bottom sealing machine, cup lid and moving limit equipment; the main controller is also connected to a man-machine.

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