Troubleshooting of the glue cap machine


Troubleshooting of the glue cap machine

1. The rubber nozzle is clogged

Reason: The pinhole of the automatic glue dispenser is not cleaned thoroughly, impurities are mixed in the glue, the hole is blocked, and incompatible glue is mixed, resulting in a small amount of glue or no glue point coming out.

Solution: replace a clean needle and a good quality patch glue. The brand of patch glue should not be wrong.

2. Rubber valve leakage

Reason: The needle diameter of the glue dispenser is too small. If the needle is too small, it will affect the bubble discharge action when the glue valve starts to use, affect the flow of liquid, cause back pressure, and cause dripping phenomenon soon after the glue valve is closed.

Solution: This problem can be solved by replacing the larger needle. In addition, after the glue valve is closed, the air in the liquid will drip. Try to remove the air in the liquid in advance, or use glue that is not easy to contain air bubbles, or before use Centrifuge the glue first.

3. The flow rate is too slow

Reason: The pipeline of the glue dispenser is too long or too narrow, the air pressure at the nozzle is insufficient, and the flow rate of the glue is too slow.

Solution: Change the dispenser piping from 1\/4" to 3\/8". If not necessary, the piping should be as short as possible. In addition, the glue port and air pressure should be improved to speed up the flow rate.

4. There are bubbles in the liquid

Cause: Due to excessive fluid pressure and short valve opening time, the dispenser may penetrate air into the liquid, creating air bubbles.

Solution: Reduce the fluid pressure and use a tapered bevel needle.

5. The size of glue is inconsistent

Cause: The pressure cylinder or air pressure that stores the fluid in the dispenser is unstable, resulting in uneven dispensing and inconsistent size. Solution: Avoid using low pressure parts with pressure in the pressure gauge. The control pressure of the glue valve should be at least 60 psi\/ Square inch to ensure stable dispensing. Check the dispensing time. Less than 15\/1000 seconds, the dispensing is unstable, and the longer the dispensing time, the more stable it is.

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