The glue cap machine manufacturer Saiwei tells you the precautions for opening the air conditioner in summer


The glue cap machine manufacturer Saiwei tells you the precautions for opening the air conditioner in summer

1. 26 degrees Celsius is suitable in summer: the temperature that the human body feels comfortable in summer and autumn is about 26 degrees Celsius, and if it is about 3 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius lower, the human body will feel a little cold. In addition, due to the different indoor and outdoor environments, the temperature is relatively extreme for a long time. , The body's ability to adjust is out of balance, and over time will lead to a decline in immune function and various symptoms of discomfort, which is called air-conditioning disease in medicine. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the air-conditioning to about 26 degrees Celsius in general, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it will increase the burden on the thermoregulatory center.

2. The air-conditioning wind blows upward: when the air-conditioning is turned on, the cold air sinks downward, so the wind blows upward to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the body. People who are close to the air-conditioning, life tips sit facing the air-conditioning, because the cold wind blows your body from the back The back and waist cause more damage to the human body than the headwind. For friends sitting in the office, if the seat cannot be moved, prepare a small silk scarf around the neck. If you sit for a long time, such as typing, writing Wait, you might as well spare clothes that are easy to put on and take off. When wearing a skirt, you can use a shawl to protect your legs, especially your knees. Cold is born from your feet, so you should stand up and move from time to time to improve peripheral blood circulation.

3. Turn on the air conditioner after 10 minutes after entering the house: Some friends sweat all over and turn on the air conditioner immediately when they get home, which is harmful to health. Because the pores are fully opened at this time, and it is too late to close, it is easy for the body temperature to drop sharply and induce a cold. Therefore, you should turn on the air conditioner after at least 10 minutes when you enter the room from a hot outdoor. In addition, the body temperature drops when you sleep. If you want to keep the air conditioner on all night, it is also easy to cause headaches, colds, etc. It must be turned off before going to bed. Air conditioner, or set a timer to turn off.

4. Open the window every 1 hour to protect the respiratory tract: Turning on the air conditioner will dry the indoor air, and because the air is not ventilated, the environment will not be improved, which is easy to make people stuffy nose, dry throat, sneezing, etc. Therefore, you should pay attention to For frequent ventilation, it is recommended to open the windows for about 1 hour-second time, about 15 minutes each time. Especially for some people with respiratory diseases, the time of opening the air conditioner should be as short as possible, the temperature should not be too low, and there should be a humidifier in the room. -Once you feel chest tightness or dizziness, you should go outside in time to take a breath of fresh air. People who are often in an air-conditioned environment should drink more water, chrysanthemum tea, and eat more vitamin-rich foods to prevent dry skin and throat. fresh fruits.

5. If you are weak, do not turn on the air conditioner in the morning and evening: the elderly with arthritis, rheumatism, children with incomplete development, and pregnant women and other people with poor immune function should use less air conditioners. Especially every morning and evening when the outdoor temperature is low, you should use more air conditioners. Get some exercise outside, get some fresh air, sunbathe, and strengthen your body's ability to adapt.

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