Glue cap machine manufacturers briefly describe the advantages of glue cap products


Introduction to the advantages of rubber cap products of rubber cap machine manufacturers

Rubber cap products are widely used, harmless and pollution-free. They are used in daily plastic products, ceramics, handicrafts, batteries and other industries, and are also suitable for ticket printing, etc. Below, the glue cap machine manufacturer Saiwei briefly introduces the advantages of rubber cap products .

1. In terms of raw materials, most of the raw materials for the production of ordinary bottle caps are made of pure plastic or crystal white materials, which are mixed by high temperature hot melting and one-step molding. The acquisition and matching of raw materials are relatively simple, and the style is relatively simple. Relatively speaking, pvc heat shrinks The plastic cap is made of resin on the basis of ordinary bottle caps, and then covered with a layer of pvc resin film technology. The production raw materials are more extensive and the ratio is more accurate.

2. In the production process, the production of ordinary bottle caps usually only requires an injection molding machine to complete the operation. In addition to the injection molding machine, the pvc heat shrinkable rubber bottle cap also requires a coating process, which is more complicated.

3. In terms of packaging effect, more new raw materials and more complex production processes have brought great packaging effects to consumers. Compared with ordinary bottle caps, pvc heat shrinkable caps are not only gorgeous in appearance, but also unique and beautiful in shape , It can be applied to all kinds of high-end red wine, foreign wine, white wine, etc. The information of the manufacturer and wine can be printed on the bottle cap, and the packaging effect is good.

4. The scope of use is relatively wide. Red wine, foreign wine and various well-known white wines can be directly packaged and used, and their physical and chemical properties are more stable than ordinary bottle caps and are not easily damaged.

The advantages of plastic cap products are introduced here. The plastic cap machine manufacturer Saiwei specializes in research and development, plastic cap machine, cap closing machine, production glue cap machine, cap closing machine and other automatic machinery, with excellent production of "automatic glue Hat machine" and related equipment processing technology, welcome new and old customers to come to discuss cooperation.

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